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What's covered in the free
5-week Accelerator program:

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1. Experiments

How to design and execute experiments to consistently test assumptions in your business

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2. Customer Personas

How to figure out and define who might be a customer or user of your products or services

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3. Minimum Viable Products (MVPs)

How to create the first version of your product or service

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4. Sustainable Traction

How to create the most meaningful traction for your venture: traction that continues with time

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5. Goals & Habits

How to set your long term goals and build systems & habits that will get you to them

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Accelerator FAQs

Is this program fully virtual?

Yes! At the moment, we are currently only through Zoom.

Can I just listen in the Zoom sessions?

No. These sessions are active and engagement is required. Camera on is HIGHLY encouraged.

What stage should my venture be in?

Idea to just starting to get early traction. Feel free to apply if you're later stage, but the focus will be on earlier stages.

Does this prevent me from raising money in the future?

No. Not at all. We just won't be talking about investors.

Do you hate VCs and investors?

Absolutely not. For some ventures, they make total sense (ex. bio tech) to be involved. For most ventures though, investors don't make sense.

Why focus on scalable, non-VC backed ventures?

Scalable, non-VC backed ventures have a tremendous value in the communities they impact, yet, we rarely ever talk about them. Entrepreneurship programs are consistently teaching people how to raise funding and that’s just wrong. Venture capital funding is not a foundational piece to entrepreneurship.

What is the time commitment for this?

You should be working on your venture for at least 10 hours per week.

We'll meet virtually for 60 minutes and there will be prep work that takes no more than 60 minutes. Additionally, there will be time to chat with others in your cohort outside of sessions.

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